Welcome to Millian Designs

Welcome to Millian Designs

I'm Maximillian and I have been dabbling in graphic design since my college days at Trinidad State Jr College. I have always had tons of ideas for shirts and stickers. I came up with the idea of Millian Designs in a class project way back in 2002! Now 20 years later Millian Designs LLC is a reality and I get to make fun stickers for all of my snowboards and skis, PLUS I can put my designs on any Printify products! So now I can print on shirts, mugs, puzzles, mouse pads, clocks and sooo much more! Im excited to share my designs with you and I hope you are inspired and at least entertained by my art. 

Thanks for reading my first blog ever :)

Till the next time,

May your powder be plentiful, and the fall line be your friend.

Point it, send it and keep your tips up!!


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